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Is it possibly to build an exact copy of a Paraset today??


The No 10448 original Paraset

Photo from Alan Oatey M0AVN


This is an original Paraset No 10448 that Alan, M0AVN borrowed from a collector.


Component side. This must be an unused rig.


Original Case

Photo of a original case from Alan, M0AVN


Paper Paraset

Testing the case parts with paper art....



New case

My new case



First one small bending

Then one from the other side.... thats all.


My new panel

This is a waterjet cut panel made from 1mm stainless steel. In the original it was about 1.6mm nickel plated steel. All small holes are here just pierced and have to be drilled and countersinked. The secret to drill in stainless is to use low speed, 100 - 200 rpm push hard and use grease.


Drilled and countersum. The sandblasted surface will look like an old chassis.


Bending the edges with help of a big bending press.


Screenprinted panel. Unfortunately did I get Alan's photos until later so some holes are missing and some are in wrong position.


Tuning condenser

These are cheap ones purchased from a junk sale. They are useless wihout shafts...


With a 5.5mm short hole drilled in an 8mm brass rod turned down to 1/4" (6.3mm), and a little Loctite, we can use the condenser in a Paraset


If we want to use 3mm screws, use a tap...


36H Choke

The original 36H choke is hard to find today. I think the 36H and the Brown's headset are tuned together.


Its hard to find 36H chokes today. This have the right size but only 10H, I will try. With a little piece of Paxolin, little brass I will make a try to get a look-alike.


With little force the tabs are bent around...


Lot of swimm in Shellac...


Tuning lamps

The tuning lamps are made from modified scale lamp holders. Spacers are made of Paxolin.


Tuning lamps.




Photo of an original key. On backside you can see a solder tag mounted on the key. The big 0.1uF condenser are solded direct on the key' solder tag.




Pictures from LA1KHA, Kjell Erikssen who has an original key. He helped me with the measurements.


By measuring different photos I made this key. The extra solder tag is showing here.




Drawing edited after help from LA1KHA, Kjell



From F6EJU


It is still possible to buy 38mm Paxolin rod in Sweden. Drilled out and wound with silk covered wire.


The receiver coil.




Bolts with rounded head are not made today. I need some for the key and tuning lamps. They are easy to make from woodscreews.



To find power resistors in the right value is impossible today...


Modified resistors with right size and with help of coloured model enamel...


They will be look original...





Original Bulgin head-phone jack socket and switch.


Tube sockets in original...


Little tool on a "poprivet"


The status today!


With new valve sockets


Mechanical ready.

Case ready 20090921


Box ready.... 22 sept 2009


Original 6BA full nuts on this photo from Alan. M0AVN


6BA screws is about 2.8mm. I will use M3. And nobody makes "fullnuts" for M3 so I made them from 6mm hex brass rods.


Circuit diagram

by studying the fine photos from Alan hard, I found this is the circuit diagram for Paraset No 10448


Components layout

A likely hole layout after studying Alan's picture.


The probable components connections?

Main Power Supply


Original main power supply for Paraset. Picture from ON5LJ


Jean Claude have made drawings on the power supply on this link

First test in paper work to see if all parts fit.

Metal work ready

Main Power Supply ready...



For making this chassies I needed a spotwelder...soo I made one. Read more (only in swedish)



12V Vibrator Power supply


Original power supply, Picture from Alan M0AVN



Paperwork first!

Then metal work...


Link to theorie of vibratorsystems. Another link

One more link to vibrator theorie 13mb



Download my drawings

You can download all my drawings in sPlan 7.0 here and a sPlan viewer here , now you can print all in scale 1:1 Right click and save. Or buy (€40) the program, sPlan 7.0 from ABACOM




Now the hunting for old components starts...

More follows...



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