Replica Transistor Paraset (TT) by G3YVF.

Note the paraset has two bulbs which are needed to tune the tx to an antenna. With the TT only one bulb is needed so the other which can be seen is actually a spare bulb. This TT is bandspread so it only covers the cw portion of the 80m band. Of course only 12v DC is needed to operate this little paraset!

The TT stands for transistor transistor because transistors are used in both the transmitter  and the receiver.

An "original" paraset tunes such a large range that it is hard to tune into a CW signal on a crowded band. So much so that it is as good as pointless trying to use the same tuning range to Rx amateur stations. So my paraset only covers part of the 80m band. This gives a really slow tuning rate and makes it a delight to use.

G4VSZ did have a hand in making this as he prepared all the laser cutting drawings which is why the front panel is so exactly like the original to make little difference. In actual fact I do not know where any difference are !!!!

Finished TT Paraset.......transistor/transistor version. Uses 6 devices, two of which are fitted inside each valve can. So it looks like the real thing or very close!

This TT Paraset will of course work off 12v and draws very little current.

For those who look close with zoom they will see it is bandspread making contacts easy on 80 as it only covers 3.5 to 3.6 with a small overlap each end.