The enclosure was made of 0.7 mm steel


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My first test was with a piece of zinkplate.

Some planning




All the holes made, but not countersinked. No brass bolts yet.

Some of the components tested. Looking for the rest at rallies and at friends.A bit of the fun is to chase parts.



The zink plate was a first test, now to the real plate....

Bengt, SM7EQL, who also is making a Paraset, is not up do date with his tools...

Look here. Put in the size of the plate on the OP-panel

Morgan puts a plate in the machine, triggs the machine with the foot... and ka'dunk...a plate with right dimensions gliding right down.

And now the bending...

Put the plate in place...keep the thumbs out and... exact 90 degrees bend,. thanks to Morgan.



These tools I used for the holes


Some more parts find at rallies and at friends.


The big choke on 36H is still missing.

Close up of the lamp holder.

The coil with 1.5mm Cu wire.