Paxolin version

First Paraset version key of Paxolin and a simple contact with brass screw


Picture from Paraset 2357


Acrylic plastic version

Next version of Paraset key found in "cash box" series.


Key in Paraset 10448. Picture from Alan Oately M0AVN


Making a replica key

The first test for the key was made in a piece of white plastic

This is my first test for the key. In original it was made of acrylic plastic.


I couldn't find any good drawings on the web, so I made a new drawing. And later Jean Claud F6EJU measured one from Paraset 7629. Download my latest drawings.



Key in transparent view

Here is a file there you can turn the key in the space .(2mb) Cool! This is done before I had all dimensions clear.



Key in acrylic plastic

I didn't find any 20 mm materiel so I glued two 10mm together. Now the "real" key could be produced.

Next, the drilling

Testing in position


A key position in the Paraset....



I needed some electric rivets to the key.....

This was salvages from the contactor. I cut out the rivets.


It's better to use pure silver in the contacts. I found these in my friends junkbox, pure silver rivets which was sold from a famous swedish company long time ago.

T284 and T288, very useful now...Ten in each package.

Real silver all of this...

A look in the cathalog from 1965-66. At that time the VW1200 was manufactured with 6V system...


A little punch keep the rivet in place. Old Swedish "iron" money from the wartime.

Some generations of my key production....